Sunday, August 16, 2015

let God be God.

As I have been called to prayer the last few days for friends, family, friend's families, I have had such an overwhelming urge that the Spirit of God was saying to me "Let God be God".

Trying to fall asleep the thought kept going over and over in my head, let God be God, let God be God. Knowing the Spirit well enough to know He wasn't telling me this without reason, I kept contemplating what He was saying. After 3 days of hearing this and trying to LISTEN to what I felt He was saying I knew I had to share.

How often when we pray do we pray what we think is GOD'S plan? How often when we pray do we give God our idea of what we think will be best? DO we ever tell Him, "Lord, I know you are able to do ANYTHING, but since this is a terminal disease, then just make their days peaceful and give mercy". Is that letting God be God or is that putting God in OUR box?

Is God truly able to do what the scripture says "exceedingly abundantly above all that we ASK OR THINK?
Are we allowing Him to do what HE wants?
Are we saying :God your will not mine? are we praying for that? truly praying for that?
Even the Son of God, Jesus prayed, Not my will but Thine.... wow. He knew His death on the cross was inevitable but He STILL prayed for God to take the cup from Him if he could.
Here is what I got out of God telling me "let God be God....
Let him do as he sees fit. Let him do His will and His plan because it is "to perfection".
He will do what is right for us aurora loved ones.... always.
It may not be what WE want, but it will be what is best.
That's a bit hard to take at times, but I am trying and learning to ....

written  2012 .. never posted...

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